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The Icon Story

Welcome to our shop! We are Elias and Michaela Union and we can't wait to share the adventure God has put us into as we strive to serve Him in all our endeavors!

Union of All Icons began in 2019 in the 8,000 square foot warehouse that has housed San Jose Candle Company since 1998. We are located in the beautiful Central California Sierra Nevada foothills along highway 120 about an hour or so from Yosemite National Park.

Back in the 1990's, Elias Union, at the time a Deacon in the Antiochian Orthodox Church, helped purchase woodworking equipment to make icon mounting boards for St.'s Peter and Paul Church in Ben Lomond, California, in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This equipment was used to mount printed icons for Conciliar Press and other Orthodox Christians in the area who were part of a large group of Protestant Evangelical Christians who converted to Orthodoxy during the 1980s.

In 2018 Elias Union, whose San Jose Candle Company provides high quality beeswax prayer candles and paraffin vigil lights to churches across the USA and in Mexico, was given the opportunity to repurchase the original wood working equipment to make icon mounting boards. The equipment was brought from the Santa Cruz mountains to the candle factory. 

We were not looking for this sudden opportunity but we discerned God's will in His placing the equipment back in Elias' faithful stewardship and through prayer we became determined to put unique icons into the hands of the faithful. We are working to perfect our icon printing and mounting techniques and we have been blessed to enter into licensing agreements to feature icons created by Fr. Luke Dingman and Daniel Ogan.

We pray that you will be blessed and inspired by the quality of the icons which we are making with God's help!