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Beeswax Prayer Candles 100 Count

Designer: San Jose Candle Company

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Our pure beeswax tapered 3/8" by 10" prayer candles are hand dipped into pure molten beeswax at just the right temperature by a steady hand and a keen eye. They can be dipped and cooled over twenty times before a pair is cut free from the rack. When finished and hung they carry the rich scent of honey. The candles are carefully sorted and packed to provide you with the highest quality product. Kept out of drafts and away from fans these tapers will burn virtually dripless.

Beeswax is a sweet, simple renewable fuel that burns long and bright. It is non-toxic and hypo allergenic. Beeswax has the highest melting point of any other candle wax and thus provides approximately 40% longer burn times than paraffin. Our natural 100% pure beeswax candles have a light golden-brown color and have not been bleached or dyed. Pure beeswax candles have a natural honey scent.

We use cotton wicks. They never contain petroleum-based paraffin wax or lead wicks. While paraffin smokes up the room, blackening walls and icons, beeswax candles do not.

Never leave candles to burn unattended and keep out of the reach of children.