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About Our Icons

Our high quality color printed icons are mounted on 3/4" MDF with a hardwood veneer. We discovered a way of finishing the icons that gives them a very attractive, unique, embossed look and feel. We paint the sides of the icons an appropriate color for the icon.

We will continue to strive to perfect our technique and expect to improve things over time. However, we are launching our Shopify site at this time after more than a year spent perfecting the process to reach the high quality we believe we have reached now.

A large number of our icons are from the hand of Fr. Luke Dingman and you can learn more about Fr. Dingman by going to his website. We have available for purchase a DVD documenting the history of Fr. Dingman's life as a priest and iconographer in residence at St. Lawrence Orthodox church in Felton, California.

We also feature some beautiful icons and artistic renderings of biblical subject matter by Daniel Ogan who is currently the iconographer in residence completing the church wall paintings and iconostasis for St. Innocent of Irkutsk ROCOR Church in Rogue River, Oregon.

Other icons that we print and mount are from the public domain and represent some of the classic and most popular iconographic images available.

We will strive to acquaint ourselves with other up and coming young iconographers and Orthodox fine artists to offer an eclectic collection of icons and fine art. If you are an iconographer who would be interested in collaborating with us to reach a wider audience for your images please contact us at