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About Our Icons

Our high quality color printed icons are mounted on 3/4" MDF with a hardwood veneer. We paint the sides of the icons an appropriate color for the icon.

Each individual icon is prayerfully hand-crafted, from the cutting of the wood for mounting, to the color printing of the reproductions of the icons, to the gluing and coating process, to the labeling and packaging of each icon.

Although most of our icons are printed right here at the shop, the originals come from different iconographers and sources and were created in a variety of shapes and sizes. Therefore, because it was impossible to create categories for each unique size, we use 6 standard sizes. Some icons only exist in certain sizes. All our icons are standardized by height. Depending on the aspect ratio of the image the width will vary. The number of total square inches determines what the size is.

Small 31.7-38.5 square inches        approximate size= 5x7

Medium 39-49 square inches         approximate size=6x7 or 7x7

Medium Large 50-65 square"         approximate size=5x10

Large 66-87 square inches            approximate size=8x10

XL 88-153 square inches               approximate size=9x12 or 11x14

XXL 154-200 square inches           approximate size=12x15

If you would like to know the exact dimensions of specific icons before ordering, please feel free to contact us.

You may notice slight imperfections in the coating of the icon but we will continue to strive to perfect our technique and expect to improve things over time.

We do not have the ability at this time to have every step of the icon making process take place in a perfectly clean room. We are making the icons inside the San Jose Candle Company warehouse and our delivery van has to drive into the warehouse to be loaded up for deliveries. At these times some dirt and gravel may enter the 8,000 square foot building. Occasionally a small piece of dust or a tiny hair may fall onto an icon that has just been coated. None of these slight imperfections will be noticeable once your icon is hung and viewed from a short distance, they are that small! Please bear with us and pray for us that we get better and better at the process. We are trusting God that you will bear with us and that you will enjoy your icons immensely!

Since I wrote this page, we have now installed a spray booth which allows to have a cleaner environment with filtered air and the ability to work on coating more icons at a time. There still may be barely visible imperfections but out QA person (Michaela) is rigorous! We will always do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with the quality of the icon you purchase.

so, even with slight imperfections, we are launching our Shopify site at this time after more than two years spent perfecting the processes to reach the high quality we believe we have reached now with God's help.

A large number of our icons are from the hand of Fr. Luke Dingman who reposed in 2022. Go to Saint Lawrence Orthodox Christian Church website,
to view a free professional documentary that follows Fr. Luke as he paints
six 5'X5' story icons depicting the life and martyrdom of Saint Lawrence, Archdeacon of Rome. Scroll down to "Saint Lawrence Icon Project" on lower left side of the page. 

Or click on this link to go right to YouTube to watch the video! Painting Saint Lawrence, A Life in Icons.

Some of Fr. Luke's icons were painted on canvas, sometimes life size depictions of saints and scenes from the Gospels. Photographs were then taken of the images. This is why some of the icons have a grainy or even slightly blurry appearance in the backgrounds.

We also feature some beautiful icons and artistic renderings of biblical subject matter by Daniel Ogan who is the iconographer in residence and has completed the church wall icons and iconostasis for St. Innocent Orthodox Church in Rogue River, Oregon. 

Other icons that we print and mount are from the public domain and represent some of the classic and most popular iconographic images available.

In the future we will strive to acquaint ourselves with other up and coming young iconographers and Orthodox fine artists to offer an eclectic collection of icons and fine art. If you are an iconographer who would be interested in collaborating with us to reach a wider audience for your images please contact us at