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Icons in the Public Domain

Many beloved icons were painted (or written) centuries ago. Frequently, the identity of the painter is unknown. We have several icons that come from places that are known and, as such, can be identified for the sharing of any revenues that accrue from the sales of those images. For example, we will share revenue with the Monastery of Saint Catherine for images that are described as being from that monastery in the Sinai.

While we have carefully researched which icons are in the public domain and made efforts to connect a portion of the revenue with an appropriate institution associated with that image, we are open to learning more and working to make sure we are sharing revenue correctly. If you have information regarding one of our public domain icons that would help us be accurate in sharing, please email us at



Encaustic Icon of Christ Monastery of St. Catherine Sinai Desert

Sinai Christ

From $24.00 - $80.00